June, 2018

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Queen’s PR chief to leave Palace in dramatic changing of the guard

Queen’s PR chief to leave Palace in dramatic changing of the guard


When things didn’t go as expected, you feel disappointed. And you fight back. You resist reality, trying to get attention. But things won’t change because you can’t accept them. You are not that important…everything is working as intended… the system is more than 1200 years old.

Is this for Idiot…or for me?

I mean Set up for her. So she knows were to stand for the photographer 

Why would she set herself up rummaging through a car?  No….she wasn’t expecting to be filmed doing this!

She walks straight to the only car with open boot. All the Audis have a similar colour, but she knows exactly which car it is: the open one. Looks like prepared and set up

Interesting…..why would she ever take part in that?  Or do you mean set up for her?

My perception says that even harry did not approve her being there, I might be wrong, but it is nonsense that she tries to check things in the car and is told off. If her presence was approved, she would be cheering in good company. Something is really weird, probably she meets harry less and less.

She was supposed to there is my guess….she was looking for something…..there is no end to her tricks!  I think CH sent someone there to watch her and they got her good!

The way she leaves a bit scared after the redhead guy says her something is so funny, like a dog tries to scare off a cat and she runs off scared, ahahaha

That is Mark Dryer…she is scared of him……she got into it with him in parking lot at polo last yr…..

JD, in The Sun’s article with the video, there’s a picture of William, Harry and player from opposite team standing next to that exact car MM pretended to be hers. I think William and Harry’s stuff could be in that car and Mark kept his eye on them. That’s why she was caught red handed three times. She wanted to take something that belongs to boys and sell it or use it as an opportunity to blackmail again.



Oh for the love of all that’s good in the world, I wish these things had a time stamp. This girl will not stop her tomfoolery.

thank you anon 💐💐🍹🍹🌴

As you said before, she’s caught three times. It’s like she’s digging for something and she’s not allowed to do that. First time she’s caught by the pink shirt guy and Mark Dyer, while pink shirt tries to talk to her, Mark goes straight. The second time she asks a girl to help her so nobody would lose their shit at her because the child is with her and backs out when two women come past her and third time, when she closes the door, she looks around as to see if nobody caught her.



What’s wrong with this girl! This is what keeps popping in my head, she looking for Harry’s cell phone. 

Thank you anon 💐💐🍹🍹🌴

The second time she used the child as a shield then proceeded to use her as a photo op. This woman needs to be kept away from kids!!!! 



Family photos!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




More stupid about this Videos is that she wanna merch but show more that she didnt feel safe,confident and acts like a child.More ridiculous of everything she didnt hide this situation.

She showing fails and fails.

People who follow me in tumblr dont need to thank me.Thank the MM sugars fron IG they show us everything.

Best response is saying thank you. They show us all.

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Coworth Park is a The Hotel and Brad Pitt is also staying there at the moment. Meghan is all about being seen and making contact with a Celebrities.

Next headline…….Brad and idiot?  God no!