My day, My Passion, My Country




Thanks to the inspiration of the wonderful
‘Cat Lady’ @Ineverlikedsugaranyway, I’ve decided to veer temporarily away from
my usual Royal Family type posts and Harkle snarks and share a little about me
and my passion.

My love has, and always will be, horses and in
particular the sport of Eventing – which I’ve followed passionately for over 30
years.  For the last two I have
worked on a voluntary basis at two International events locally purely in order
to watch these magnificent animals and the extraordinary partnerships between
them and their riders, and I’d like to share with you just what makes my skin

Eventing riders are quite different to many
other sporting professionals in that even when they are gold medalists and
Olympians, they still have to start at the bottom along side grass roots riders
with every new young horse they are bringing on for the future.  They are for the most part humble and
very approachable and friendly. 
They know their sport relies solely on volunteers at the events they
compete at and how easily pride can come before a downfall – quite literally!  This
is a dangerous sport and many of our top riders have either been killed or
seriously injured.

I hope these pictures (sorry, they are not
the best) will show what makes me tick, what I love about my sport and provide
an insight about what makes the UK so different and why I will fight tooth and
nail to prevent the traditions of this country being ‘modernised’ by a trashy
American divorcee.

There is nothing that can draw the breath
away by such magnificent houses and settings…


…in beautiful rolling countryside


Being able to get quite so close to an


Where men still wear Bowler hats…


… and riders wear Top hats and Tails


Watching film crews preparing for the
ultimate test of horse and rider partnership – the cross country phase…


… tackling jumps that would make any sane
person gulp at the very idea of attempting


I love my sport, I love its traditions, and
the settings in the countryside where my sport takes place, but most of all – I love my country and its rich history. 

And I can be a real soppy old mare when I think abut how much they mean to me.

Wow!  Very impressive!  Thank you for taking us on this “tour”!  Your passion comes through for sure!  Your country is absolutely magnificent !  I agree, the traditions are important…and nothing and NO ONE is going to ruin that!  Fighting stronger everyday for you and the UK to keep your traditions.  We will do this!  Again…thank you I so enjoyed this!  😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh MY @generousfurydestiny you were SO SO close to me today. Only a few steps, literally. 😱😂 such a small world. I love Burghley, Todd did so well in dressage today. Such a gorgeous day today too! 

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