Tangled webs….

I think Doria and MM are setting the framework to be able to give her a “reason” to be out of the relationship if they need it for her to try to save face. They don’t realize nobody buys her crap anyway. It doesn’t matter if they do get married. She’s done. She can’t earn respect back. The other thing …..if Doria left her father when MM was @ 2, brings up the question she doesn’t stick with people either and did she trap MM’s Dad at the time thinking he was a step up out of the way of life she was living. Maybe Doria raised MM to be just the person she is. Sounds like MM used her father to fund her schooling and what she needed until she “made it” and then basically dumped him. Also, I’m sure the RF is used to dealing with users, blackmailers, that type thing but I’m not sure they have ever ran across trashy low class American family like this….the lower classes in Great Britain still have a knowledge of manners and respect for people above them socially but in the U.S. people like MM’s family have no hesitation at all to do what they are doing because they have no respectfulness or manners in their world. Money is the only thing they understand and they will do anything to get it. If Doria lives in the black “beverly hills” as they say in the articles ….how did she afford that on a yoga teach salary. If she only got her counseling degree in the last 5 or 6 years, how did she support herself before then? And supposedly her home is worth $700k or more??? The media is not digging enough. Oprah may be hedging her bets…careful there.

This is great….thank you..Dorias house was left to her by her father….😁❤️❤️❤️

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